What Happens if You Change Invisalign Trays Too Soon?

What happens if you change Invisalign trays too soon?

If you decide to change your Invisalign trays before the recommended time, there are a few things that could happen. First, you may experience discomfort as your teeth try to readjust to the new tray. Second, you may lose some of the progress you have made and will have to start from square one again. Third, if you replace your trays too soon, the final results of your treatment may not be as good as they would have been if you had followed the original plan.

If someone feels they need to change their Invisalign trays before the advised time, it is best to speak with their dentist. Oftentimes, small changes can be made without compromising the treatment plan. However, if someone does make a significant change to their tray schedule, it could lead to problems down the road that may require more treatment.

Changing Invisalign Trays Every Week

Invisalign announced in early 2018 that their aligners could be changed every week instead of every two weeks. This change has drastic consequences for patients, as treatment time can be halved. Patients are urged to speak with their dentist before making any changes to their Invisalign treatment plan.

However, if you decide to change your Invisalign trays more often than every week as prescribed by the Invisalign team, there are consequences. Not following the original guidelines may mean that you will not achieve the desired results. The Invisalign team changed their trays change the period after extensive testing and found that it was just as effective as the two-week change period- which is still in effect.

The Invisalign team is always working to improve the efficacy of its product. They use materials and software that produce quick and reliable results. The aligners are made with a proprietary material and attachments that are constantly being evaluated to create the most effective force on teeth. This combination produces predictable tooth movement in a shorter time than before, making Invisalign even more desirable for those seeking orthodontic treatment.

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