Invisalign with periodontal disease is a common tooth disease that can be discovered by your dentist. If you have this condition, your periodontal disease will be treated with a specialist before Invisalign treatment. In this way, you receive the Invisalign treatment as long as your teeth are healthy enough. In this blog, you can find out more about how Invisalign treatment is performed, as well as the benefits of Invisalign with periodontal disease treatment, and finally, how you can get it if you need it.

Do you need good oral health for Invisalign treatment?

The FDA has given approval for the Invisalign procedure in the USA. Yet, they have listed Invisalign with periodontal disease as a bad practice in Invisalign treatment. Here, we have discussed the pre-requisite for teeth straightening with Invisalign.

can you wear invisalign with periodontal disease

Gum Diseases

A teeth-straightening patient must be free from any gum diseases. It will be better to cure any prevailing gum disease before you consult an Invisalign dentist. The following are the reasons why Invisalign is not suitable, along with lousy gum health.

  • A patient will feel severe pain due to bad gum health.
  • Invisalign tray is an invisible one, which sits precisely above the gum line.
  • Invisalign brace starts to pull your teeth from the beginning.
  • A patient has to change more than one brace monthly.

Invisalign with prevailing gum diseases will be pain full. A patient has to cure their gum diseases first. An Invisalign orthodontist will suggest this while in consultation. A patient will often come to know about it while a dentist examines the patient’s oral health. Thus, you can take treatment to cure your gum disease of the same Invisalign dentist.


Gingivitis is curable gum disease. Your dentist will cure them within a week. It will help you wear invisible braces soon after they are cleared. It is not healthy to wear with Gingivitis. You prefer Invisalign for teeth straightening due to beauty consciousness. Thus, Invisalign with a periodontal disease like Gingivitis is the best candidate to take teeth straightening treatment within a week of clearing Gingivitis on their teeth.

  • A dentist can be clear Gingivitis within one sitting from a modern dental clinic.
  • Your dentist will ask to use special toothpaste and brush after clearing Gingivitis.
  • Teeth whitening is recommended after clearing Gingivitis.

Gingivitis is the beginning stage of gum disease. Clearing them before visiting an Invisalign provider will help you to take this dental procedure sooner.  

Tooth Implants

A dental patient might have to undergo more than one dental implant if they are not fit to fix a cap on them. It is not advisable to hide such things while in Invisalign consultation. Hiding such tooth implants will cause severe pain while in Invisalign treatment. It is because; your gums need to be stronger enough while undergoing Invisalign therapy from an Invisalign dental clinic.

  • You might have a dental implant due to an accidental injury.
  • A patient might have removed a decayed tooth and implanted an artificial tooth.

Yet, your orthodontist will recommend visiting again after three months. Yet, that implanted tooth will move if you’re overall oral health is good. It is the best practice in the Invisalign procedure. Your dentist will say this before, as Invisalign with periodontal disease is not the right candidate for Invisalign treatment. It is because; a tooth implant is done over a decayed tooth.

Other Minor Gum Diseases

Invisalign treatment seekers must never hide any gum-related diseases. They are as follows.

  • Finding blood strains while brushing teeth.
  • Feeling of severe sensation while having hot or cold food items.
  • If you feel pain in the jaw while sleeping is a sign of upcoming gum disease.
  • Bad smell emitting from your mouth.
  • Feeling of burning sensation while having hot drinks or food is a sign of bad gum health.

Invisalign with the periodontal disease must be cured before you take this latest dental treatment. Your dentist will examine your overall oral health. If your gums and teeth are strong, they will recommend you to take teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign braces.

Cleaning Procedure :

Check the below images on how to clean your teeth.

Conclusion :

This blog will tell you about the importance of dental hygiene before you start treatment. With proper dental hygiene, you can make your gums stronger. You will also be able to fight any gum diseases during the early stages. Therefore, it is very important to maintain good dental hygiene.