How much does Invisalign cost will be your question? Here are the top things that will help you in understanding how much does Invisalign cost. Invisalign treatment cost is inclusive of treatment plan and treatment time. Thus, the cost may vary as per how your teeth move. The cost of Invisalign is quite unpredictable, as it may vary as per your case and the doctor. The doctor will take into consideration your age, health, and gender as well as the severity of your condition. Thus, the doctor will provide you with the best solution as per your condition and according to your budget. The doctor will also provide you with the best alternative in case you are not able to afford the treatment. You might have heard about braces and Invisalign. Invisalign is a 3D treatment that can be used for a broad range of dental problems. The treatment plan is costlier if you have a lot of dental problems. Invisalign is a treatment plan designed to straighten teeth that are misaligned. The problem is that Invisalign is a non-traditional treatment as compared to the usual braces.

In this case, the cost of Invisalign is higher as compared to braces. You might have felt bad breath with people wearing traditional braces. However, Invisalign does not cause such issues, and you can have a beautiful smile with virtually invisible braces. This is why it is called Invisalign. Your dentist or orthodontist who practices Invisalign discusses the cost of Invisalign treatment while in consultation. It is advisable to read some Invisalign consumer guides. Here, we have reviewed its costs, insurance cover, and hidden costs behind Invisalign treatment. 

About Invisalign 

Invisalign is a trending name in orthodontic treatment in this modern world. Align Technology, which is a US-based medical device manufacturing company, came with this innovation to change the phase of traditional braces. They came with a clear teeth brace, which they took patent as Invisalign. This is a special plastic, by which clear aligners are made for teeth straightening. Here, they have targeted the beauty-conscious people, who do not wish to look ugly on their facial side by wearing metal braces.  

  • Invisalign enables you to eat and drink as usual by removing the invisible braces.
  • You can brush and flaws daily after removing the invisible braces.
  • No one can find you are under teeth correction treatment while wearing an Invisalign.
  • The pain caused by Invisalign is lesser than wearing traditional braces.
  • The patient can fix and remove Invisalign braces by themselves.
  • You will get 100% result or desired result after taking Invisalign treatment.

Since 2000, they serve all over the world by giving licenses to modern dental clinics. Busy people are benefited as they serve online. However, the cost is higher than traditional braces. The average cost for Invisalign treatment is $ 5000. It depends on the age, size, and shape of your teeth too. 

It would help if you took into consideration of Invisalign price in USD or US dollars. Invisalign is available in major cities of this world. Hence, you must use a currency converter to check your nation’s price. For this, you can use some free online currency converters or currency conversion apps. However, your dentist will discuss the cost of Invisalign while in consultation. FDA in the USA approves Invisalign. It is advisable to check with your nation for Invisalign treatment is approved or not by your nation’s health department.    

How much does Invisalign cost Treatment 

How much does Invisalign cost will be a major question when you have decided to undergo Invisalign treatment. Yet, the cost of Invisalign differs from the country. You must not that only a few Invisalign licensed orthodontists, and clinics provide Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign treatment cost is inclusive of treatment plan and treatment time. Thus, the cost may vary as per how your teeth move. It may take more than 1-year to straighten your teeth with clear braces or Invisalign.

The typical cost for Invisalign may cover the costs like- 

  • Aligner trays
  • Invisible braces cost
  • Invisalign trays
  • Lab fee (Digital X-Ray, Dental Scan or Imaging, and full mouth OPG)
  • Orthodontist Fee
  • Taxes
  • Other Charges
  • Impression kits

The Average cost of Invisalign may start from $ 3000. You have to consider pretax dollars as Invisalign is shipped from the USA. This will include aligner trays and Invisalign or clear aligners.

Invisalign Consultation Fee 

You must request an appointment for an Invisalign treatment consultation. You can book an appointment online too. A few of the modern clinic does not charge for a consultation. They may offer it as a free for a first-time consultation. There are few dental clinics, who may charge after the first free consultation.

Monthly Payment Plans 

You can select a treatment plan from the dental clinic where you take Invisalign treatment. This is because you can come under flexible spending or come under monthly payment plans. A dental clinic may offer this as Invisalign treatment takes a year to complete with frequent visits. Paying through installments is the best for those who are not able to pay the full amount under a dental treatment plan.

Invisalign Service providers offer and Discounts 

Invisalign treatment cost is higher when you compare with traditional braces for teeth straightening. It is advisable to check for some discounts and offers with authorized Invisalign dental clinics. You must check online for Invisalign promo codes and coupons. You can avail of those offers by online booking with an Invisalign licensed orthodontist. Smile Direct is one of the leading and famous Invisalign treatment providers. Apart from its clinic’s discounts and offers, you can get some privileges to join their smile brightly before and after Invisalign treatment, join their smile direct club, avail dental tips, and participate in smile quiz. In this way, they serve evidence-based straighten teeth for their patients. Here, you can save up to 40% on Invisalign treatment.

Invisalign Licensed Orthodontic Clinics 

If you ask how much does Invisalign cost, the answer differs with Invisalign authorized orthodontic clinics. Only modern and advanced dental clinic practices Invisalign treatment. This is because; such a clinic must be equipped with digital X-ray, imaging devices, and as per Invisalign certified lab. Here, Invisalign treatment is the all-inclusive one. Either, they will not send you out of their clinic for X-rays or any other lab tests.

Moreover, Invisalign licensed dental professional charges as per their clinic types, and in which city they are present. This is because you can find Invisalign treatment is available in major cities of this world. Either, they are not present in standard dental clinics and hospitals.

The Invisalign cost may be higher where a dental professional practices Invisalign treatment only. They are an advanced clinic, which serves online and offline for busy people and beauty-conscious people.

Hidden Cost behind Invisalign 

Treatment Plan 

After Invisalign treatment consultation, you have to come under an Invisalign treatment plan. This will be after checking you are the right patient for Invisalign treatment. Next is, you have a budget for Invisalign treatment. It will be better to come under an Invisalign treatment plan. This will save up to 30% of Invisalign treatment costs. However, you may pay high when you do not get the result within the promised time. Here, you may pay higher for further treatment and consultations.   

Number of Invisalign Braces 

Invisalign is not a one-time fixed brace like metal braces. Invisalign is a removable brace, which a patient must have to wear for more than 20 hours to get faster results. Here, you have to visit your dentist as per their advice. Therefore, you may have to go for a checkup monthly twice. Here, they may suggest changing braces as they see some improvement. This is an additional cost when you are exceeding the plan cost. Moreover, a patient may take more than one year to straighten his or her teeth with Invisalign. Hence, the cost may go up to $ 10,000 and above. 

Aftercare Costs 

Retainers are necessary to wear for a few months after Invisalign treatment. Most dental clinics hide this cost. It would help if you asked this question while in your first consultation with a dentist. Sometimes, your Invisalign treatment might include or extend by a year or so. Here, you have to pay for your checkup.  

Dental Emergencies  

Any dental emergencies under Invisalign treatment are not done from the clinic where you go for treatmentThis may be a case like orthodontic surgery due to an accident or facial injury. Sometimes, you may have to make a new one due to any damages to Invisalign. These are some of the hidden costs, which you must ask while in Invisalign treatment consultation.  

Gum Disease 

Gum disease may come if you are not following the compliances of Invisalign treatment. Here, you have to pay for treating any gum diseases at your cost. Any gum diseases may come if you do not brush your teeth after eating and drinking hot or cold beverages. This is because they are stuck inside Invisalign and cause damages to your teeth and gum after a few weeks.  

Dental Insurance Plan Covers for Invisalign 

A very few countries provide dental insurance plans for Invisalign treatment. This is because, a few of the dental insurance may cover comes under orthodontic treatments for emergency care treatment, which are surgical. It is advisable to check your insurance may cover Invisalign treatment.

You can take the best insurance plan, which gives cover for Invisalign treatment. You can do this before you start your treatment. For this, you have to select a clinic, which gives Invisalign insurance plans cover for Invisalign. This is the smart way to save some money on teeth straightening treatment. A few of the latest insurance companies provide insurance cover for Invisalign treatment from Invisalign authorized clinics.

Some insurance providers may not cover Invisalign as it comes under dental cosmetic or dental accessories. Hence, Invisalign aligners do not come under claim. It will be better to consult with your health insurance provider too.

Invisalign provider does put the list of dental insurance companies, which are authorized with their clinic. It is advisable to check before consulting. It is advisable to take insurance online after checking which the best one after pretax dollars is. 

Conclusion :

It is important to know all the details about the treatment cost so that you can plan your budget accordingly. The cost of the Invisalign treatment may vary between $5,000 to $8,000. The cost of the treatment plan is inclusive of the cost of the trays, impressions, lab fees, doctor’s fees, and other materials. Thus, the cost may vary as per how your teeth move.Home

Frequently asked questions about Invisalign 

How much does Invisalign cost for a mild case?
The cost of Invisalign for a mild case treatment for teens starts from $ 2,000 to $ 5,000. For an adult, it may cost from $ 2,400 onwards.
Which are cheaper braces or Invisalign?
The braces are cheaper when you compare them with Invisalign treatment. Braces cost a few hundred dollars only. Yet, Invisalign will cost a thousand dollars.
Can you get Invisalign on the NHS?
No, as of today, the NHS does not practice Invisalign treatment. This is because Invisalign comes under cosmetic dentistry. 
Is Invisalign worth the money?
Yes, Invisalign is worth money. Invisalign is for aesthetic purpose and for teeth straightening. Hence, user difference may vary.