does invisalign hurt your gums

Does Invisalign hurt more than braces will be a question for any teeth-straightening candidate?

Yet, you might have chosen Invisalign as a dental treatment option for aesthetic needs and cause low pain than traditional braces. Teeth moving for crooked teeth with metal braces, porcelain veneers, and any other orthodontic appliances are painful. However, wearing Invisalign does not hurt you much.

Invisalign comes under cosmetic dentistry. The beauty-conscious people, who wish to hide his or her dental treatments, prefer it. However, many choose this treatment as the pain caused is comparatively lesser than metal, ceramic, and lingual braces. Here, we have discussed what Invisalign is, how Invisalign hurts, Invisalign pain remedies, candidates not fit for Invisalign treatment, and Invisalign reviews.

What is Invisalign?

Today, Invisalign is the next best alternative to traditional braces. Align Technology is a California-based medical device company, who came with Invisalign in 1998. From 2000, they got a patent for Invisalign, which is made of methylene diphenyl diisocyanate or rigid polyurethane. It has FDA approval, and it is now a famous teeth-straightening treatment with invisible braces.

You can learn more about Invisalign by reading patient forums Hence, Invisalign treatments come under orthodontic treatment. Invisalign providers to keep confidential patient contact info. Align Technology gives certification and license to practice Invisalign by orthodontists. The clear braces or transparent braces will not show you are under teeth straightening treatment. It causes mild pain only.

Discomfort during Invisalign Treatment

Does Invisalign hurt will be a common question to all, who have agreed on its wear time. Yes, the patient must wear Invisalign aligners for 20 to 22 hours daily. The advantage of Invisalign is that a patient can fix and remove them independently. Here, we have listed a few pain-causing things, while in Invisalign treatment.

Invisible aligners cause pain for one or two days after fixing them. Either, they are far better than the pain caused by traditional metal braces.

Aligners with sharp edges and rough edges can cause Invisalign pain. You must tell your Invisalign orthodontist and buff the sharpness or roughness edges.

does invisalign hurt your jaw

Invisalign hurts so badly if they are made by an in-experienced general dentist.

You can brush your teeth by removing Invisalign aligners. Yet, when you brush with a hard toothbrush and giving pressure on teeth will cause severe pain while in teeth straightening treatment.

An Invisalign patient has to replace more than one set of aligners while in treatment. Yet, fixing and remove the aligners will hurt for a few days, as the shape of aligners does change as your teeth move.

Invisalign kids are there, which comes under pediatric dentistry. A kid will feel pain when aligner trays are placed on their teeth for the first time.

Invisalign attachments are placed for a grip to hold aligners to even tooth movement. You may feel some pain if those bumps are not evenly fixed. Invisalign pain in one tooth is caused due to uneven bumps and improper bonding of those attachments.

Invisalign Pain Relief Methods

No one knows when Invisalign stops hurting. However, your orthodontist may suggest some home remedies or prescribe some painkillers.

does invisalign hurt more than braces

Cold Compresses

If you feel pain while drinking cold water, you can avoid pain by placing cold compresses for 10 to 15 minutes, where you feel the pain.

Drinking Cold Water

Drinking cold water can relax gums. In this way, you can relieve the pain from home.

Sucking on ice cubes does relieve pain while in Invisalign treatment.

In case of any orthodontic emergencies, you can buy over-the-counter painkillers.

Only a few patients may feel pain when their oral health is bad. It would help if you met the doctors the moment pain and discomfort is felt. They prescribe a pain reliever or pain medications to curb dental anxiety.

Candidates Not Eligible for Invisalign Treatment

Does Invisalign hurt anyone with orthodontic emergencies?

Yes, they are not desirable candidates.

Candidates with dental fillings and dental implants are not eligible.

A candidate who underwent mouth reconstructions is not right the candidate. He or she has to wait for at least 3-months to make Invisalign treatment. Hiding them will hurt you a lot while in treatment.

Patients who underwent any oral surgery and are with orthodontic appliances are not eligible.

It will hurt when you take Invisalign treatment and go to a standard dental clinic for any other dental issues.

A patient who underwent a root canal and did tooth-colored fillings is not eligible to wear your aligners.

Invisalign aligners will hurt when you do not follow the best practice in Invisalign treatment. It is advisable to follow what your Invisalign dentists say.

The people who underwent preventative dentistry must not hide their dental treatment while in consultation for Invisalign treatment. Otherwise, it will hurt you while in treatment. This is because; most of them hide while in virtual consultation as they take it mildly.

Invisalign Reviews

There are millions of happy patients, who underwent teeth straightening by wearing Invisalign. You can find their comfortable before and after photos by teeth whitening and smile makeover on patient forms, Invisalign forums, and social media sites. They all felt a mild pain only. Invisalign did not hurt as the traditional braces do. There are many good reviews on Invisalign treatment worldwide. The Invisalign provider does give patients rewards.


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  1. Never had a dry mouth before invisalign. I cannot stand it! No matter how much water you drink it doesn’t help. Not even juicy grapes.

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