smoking with invisalign attachments

Can you smoke with Invisalign?

No, for any Invisalign treatment taker who is an active smoker. Your Invisalign dentist might have asked you do you smoke while in consultation. It is due to the dull colour traces found on your teeth. He or she will advise quitting smoking while in teeth straightening treatment with Invisalign. It is advisable to stop smoking until you have corrected your teeth in Invisalign.

Here, we have discussed how smoking while in Invisalign treatment will affect your dental health. If you are concerned about your dental care, it will help you if you stop smoking while undergoing teeth straightening with Invisalign braces.

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Invisalign braces are clear braces. It does not mean you can smoke as usual and clean them daily. The discolouration caused by beedi smoke is worst than a cigar and cigarettes. When you smoke, they discolour your invisible aligners. You wear them for aesthetic purposes. Some of them take Invisalign treatment to hide their teeth straightening treatment. Here, the invisible braces do not show you wear clear teeth brace. It will help any beauty-conscious person to take advantage of modern dentistry and its latest teeth aligners.

He or she smoking weed, hookah, cigars, and the cigarette will damage their invisible braces, attachment, and retainers. It can be an additional expense to re-fix an existing Invisalign while in treatment. You might have to undergo this treatment for more than 6-months. Hence, you have to sacrifice any type of tobacco smoking habit. It will ensure your clear braces will remain clear throughout your teeth-straightening course with Invisalign technology. Any tobacco stuff stuck in between your teeth can cause tooth decay. It will cost you more if any further treatment you may need. Moreover, it will extend your Invisalign treatment course.

Can you smoke with Invisalign?

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