Can you kiss with Invisalign

Invisalign treatment takes a year or so to get the teeth straightening result. can you kiss with Invisalign? It is a question for men and women that they do not wish to ask their Invisalign dentist?

Can I kiss with my Invisalign trays in?

You may get some odd looks when you wear your Invisalign trays for the first few weeks. You will probably feel a little awkward, but if you are determined to keep up with your treatment plan, then it is definitely possible.

Invisalign clear aligners may affect your love life. If you are new to Invisalign, try not to kiss anyone too soon because the trays can get in the way of kissing.

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The answer is yes and no; it depends on how well-aligned your teeth are with each other before wearing Invisalign clear aligners.

Some members of the Invisalign community believe that their trays stay in place and don’t change anything. However, others disagree with this sentiment because they say Invisalign doesn’t allow for any significant changes to what is visible on your face.

Here we have listed the main fear and reasons that an Invisalign patient wishes to clear so.

Cultural Values

Kissing is a part of some cultures to wish or greet the opposite sex. Yet, a man or woman under Invisalign might ignore to kiss. They feel it is not good so to kiss with an Invisalign aligner on their teeth. It is advisable to kiss and greet as and when it is necessary while in Invisalign treatment. The region or culture you live in are doing so then does not ignore to kiss.

Hiding Dental Treatment

Beauty-conscious people take Invisalign treatment to hide their treatment. Invisalign is an invisible brace. The opposite person will not know you are under dental treatment until you say so. Thus, you might feel you are under dental treatment and might avoid kissing to hide them. Thus, there is no harm in kissing your loved ones while in Invisalign treatment.

Fear of Displacement

Your Invisalign brace is fixed on your entire teeth by an Invisalign certified orthodontist. Thus, kissing on dating does not make a displacement of the invisible aligners. Only you can remove the aligners, and they do not change their place while you kiss on lips or mouth. They will not change their position even your partner hold your chin or entire face. The Invisalign patient might feel some sort of disturbance as an extra layer of teeth brace is on your teeth. They will not come out while kissing someone.


People under Invisalign treatment might avoid dating as kissing is a part of it. Yet, you can go for dating and even kiss your partner with Invisalign. They will not know you are with Invisalign braces until you say so. Therefore, do not avoid dating as you might feel it is not good to kiss with Invisalign.

Living with Invisalign

Dental patients with Invisalign aligners must live with Invisalign as usual. No one can know you are under dental treatment until you say it to others. Thus, as usual, give kisses to greet, show your love, and pleasure with your lover without hesitation. You can kiss your children, life partner, lover and friends. There is no harm to you or the partner you will kiss.

Newly Married

A person who is under Invisalign treatment cannot avoid kissing when they are newly married. It will be demanding, or your partner might seek to pleasure or show love towards you. Thus, there is no harm in kissing with Invisalign aligners during the day or night. Anyhow, Invisalign braces will be there in your mouth for almost 20 hours. You will remove them while brushing your teeth and for consuming food. If kissing is demanding, you can make use of the 4-hours rest time and kiss your partner.


Can you kiss with Invisalign? You can, but we don’t recommend it. You can kiss with your Invisalign as long as you don’t open your mouth. It’s fine as long as you don’t move them, you can kiss all you want. Generally, you can kiss with a mouth closed. However, try to avoid deep kisses, gum chewing and any activity that can cause an impact on your mouth or teeth. So, have a peaceful date! Home

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