If you have dental cavities, you are aware that they are not only painful, but also they are ugly. If you are looking for a way to cover up your cavities, you should consider Invisalign with cavities. When you have one or more cavities in your tooth, you will doubt that can you get Invisalign with cavities. Yes, is the answer to this question? Invisalign treatment comes under modern dentistry. Thus, the FDA approves it in the USA. The Invisalign orthodontists do practice the best in dental teeth straightening with cavities in them. Here, we have discussed how they do it for such dental patients.Home

Get Clear Aligners with Cavities under Invisalign Treatment

Invisalign Treatment Consultation

Your dentists will checkup your teeth first before starting with aligner trays. It is advisable to tell your pre-dental history while in consultation. It will help the dentist to plan a suitable teeth-straitening treatment.

Never hide any dental issues or prehistory. It is because; your dentist will take a complete mouth scan or digital imaging. It will show the filled tooth, a tooth with a porcelain crown, and any tooth that will get decayed.

can you get invisalign with cavities

Thus, your dentist will discuss the pre Invisalign dental work during Invisalign while in consultation. If you have the dental history of your previous dental treatment visits, it will help to show your Invisalign dentist. If you have any questions for the dentist, kindly note and clear them before taking treatment.

Invisalign consultation is free from the clinic and online. It is advisable to book your dental appointment online. It will help to reschedule them if you are unable to visit on that day. Invisalign dentists are friendly doctors. You can have a flawless smile after taking teeth straightening treatment.

Cavities filling before Invisalign  

The question of can you get Invisalign with cavities will be answered as yes by your dentist while in consultation. They will recommend you to fill the cavities first before going to place clear aligners on your teeth,

Single Tooth Filling

A single tooth filling will be necessary when you have a small cavity. It will take hardly 15-minutes to do this dental filling works by your dentist. Yet, they might recommend you to visit on the next day to make Invisalign treatment for teeth straightening.

Multiple Cavities Tooth Filling

When you have cavities in more than one tooth, your dentist might fill small cavities and might recommend putting a crown. Thus, fixing a crown will take a day or two as it has to be ordered and brought.

It will help you to avail of dental works in the same Invisalign clinic. It is advisable to do as per your dentist’s say for the next visit. They might recommend you to visit for Invisalign treatment after three days. It is the best practice followed in the Invisalign dental procedure.

Results of Invisalign with Cavities

Can you get Invisalign with cavities are answered above? Yet, the result part will be worrying you. At the same time, the clear aligners move or pull your teeth from the gum and your overall exposed teeth. Any cavities-filled tooth will be as strong as the normal or natural tooth. Thus, the result would be the same if your tooth were without cavities.

can you get cavities filled with invisalign

Invisalign does pull a tooth with a crown. Thus, no worries, as the aligners will work evenly on your teeth to move or pull inward to bring them in the desired position.

The treatment result might differ with patients. However, there will be no harm in taking Invisalign treatment after filling cavities.

Final words :

Invisalign is a great way to fix your teeth that have been damaged by cavities. Invisalign uses a system of clear aligners that are customized to your teeth and will slowly move them into place. Invisalign is a great way to get your teeth fixed, and you can get it even if you have cavities.