Can Invisalign fix high canine teeth

Can Invisalign Fix High Canine Teeth?

High canines can affect your smile and bite in numerous ways, which is why they are a fairly common dental misalignment. The most common question is can Invisalign Fix High Canine Teeth? Let’s check it.

What are canine teeth?

  • Canine teeth are used to grip and tear food.
  • Without canines, humans would have a very difficult time eating food.

Why are they called canine teeth?

  • Canines are the teeth on the front of our mouth.
  • They are called canines because they look like dogs’ teeth.
  • Canines are longer and more pointed than our other human teeth.

Can Invisalign fix high canine teeth?

The question of whether or not Invisalign can fix high canine teeth is a common one. The answer, in short, is usually yes! High canines are a common dental misalignment issue. If the teeth are crowded coming in, the canines may grow too high. While Invisalign® can adjust upper canines that grow higher, more severe cases may require traditional braces treatment.

canine teeth before Invisalign treatment
canine teeth after Invisalign treatment

Orthodontists are able to fix teeth besides Invisalign clear aligners. If a patient has high canine teeth, this is an orthodontic issue that falls outside of the scope of Invisalign treatment alone. There are other tools and techniques that the orthodontist can use in order to fix the problem.

It typically takes a few months to move the canines down with braces treatment, but then the case can be finished with Invisalign clear aligners to achieve a beautiful, healthy, lifelong smile.

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